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Naawa Nature Camp

an unforgettable Tentsile experience

Naawa Nature Camp

an unforgettable Tentsile experience

Naawa Nature Camp is a small nature area in the Archipelago of Turku, close to the harbour of Galtby, where You can take the ferry to the Åland islands or continue on the Archipelago trail towards Houtskär.

At Naawa Nature Camp You can find luxurious Tentsiles-tents for accommodation, a fireplace and an outdoor toilet for the guests, and occasionally the wonderful owner Sara poking about in the garden or working on some new building projects.

The area also has a small campig ground if You prefer Your own tent. 

Note that there’s no electricity nor running water on the premises, fresh drinking water is always supplied.

Naawa Nature Camp 1000px

Träsknäs 2, 21710, Korpo

Naawa Nature Camp 1000px

Träsknäs 2, 21710, Korpo


In Naawa Nature Camp You can become one with nature, sleeping in high-class Tentsile tree-tents. The Tentsile Stingray fits three persons, offering authentic outdoor experiences and lets You sleep comfortably among the trees and the birds.

Autumn Sale -15%!!!

1 person
60€ (before 70€)
2 person
70€ (before 85€)
3 person
80€ (before 100€)
camping equipment*

*sleeping bag, mattress, linen and a pillow

Camping ground (+5€/person)

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about the tentsiles

The Tentsile high-quality tree tents combine the security and protection of a tent with the versatility and comfort of a hammock. Tentsile’s tree tents and hammocks will give you the comfiest night’s sleep you’ll ever have while camping.

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Tentsile tents are built with our anti-roll strap system so unlike other hammocks, you won’t all roll to the middle of the tent. This makes camping with multiple people, much more practical and comfortable.

The 3-point anchor system raises you off the ground, moving you away from insects, ground animals and damp, soggy ground. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a waterlogged tent!

The combination of the rainfly and suspended tent creates a waterproof canopy underneath the tent where you can store more gear.

Each tent comes with a waterproof rainfly (30+ UVP) which keeps you dry in the harshest rain.

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